October 20, 2020


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How To Save Money When You Move Out

There is nothing as exciting as moving out of your parents house. The idea that you can now have freedom to be on your own is usually very fulfilling. It is a step that comes with responsibilities.  Now that you are alone all the bills are on you. Sometime it can be overwhelming. Save money as much as you can.

To help you find a bearing we have compiled some tips to help you save money and stay organized.

1. Create A Budget

Without a budget. It is easy to go off trail. You can end up spending more on things that are of least importance. Having a detailed budget will help you track your expenses which in turn gives you an idea of where you can cut down.

2. It Is The Little Things That Count

Sometimes we don’t realize it but little things like leaving the lights on when we are not using them, leaving the tap running, heaters etc inflate the bills. Train yourself to always switch off the lights that are not in use and use natural light during the day. Do not leave your taps running. If there is no water, leave the taps closed just in case the water comes back when you are not around. It may sound petty but it will save you some coins.

3. Use Cheaper Means Of Transport

We understand that you have just moved out and you want to go out more often. To help you save more, use matatu instead of Uber. Matatus are five times cheaper than taxis, this way you will save something tangible.

4. Open A Savings Account

There are several ways in which one can save money. You can join a chama or open a target savings account. With this money, you can furnish your house, upgrade to a better house or pay bills such a rent, electricity and water.

5. Cook Your Meals At Home

Cooking usually involves a lot of work and dong the dishes is not always pleasant. The idea of ordering food and eating out may seem the easiest option but that costs a lot. Cooking your own food is cheaper. You can also carry packed lunch to work and save yourself that extra coin.

Moving out is a big step in life and proper planning can help you have a smooth transition.  To avoid getting frustrated when you move to your new house, make sure you have enough money to pull you throughout the month, money for house deposit and rent. Save money as much as you can for the rainy day.